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To promote state-of-the-art PCB technology and business in the country by mutual exchange of ideas and technical interactions arranged through Seminars, conferences etc., periodically.


To promote learning and to advance education in the science and application of electronic packaging namely Printed Circuit and Inter-Connection Techniques.

Future Goals

To establish the IPCA Training Division to cater to the needs of the technical personnel on DESIGN, MANUFACTURE, ASSEMBLY AND TESTING of the PCB and allied industries.

IPCA Constitution By-Laws

Indian Printed Circuit Association Constitution (Regd. No. 2051/85) Indian Printed Circuit Association

Our vision is to promote PCB technology

Corporate Profile

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History of the Association

The Indian Printed Circuit Association had its humble beginning in the year 1985 when a few leading PCB technocrats met at Bombay (now Mumbai) with the intention to promote the interests and welfare of PCB industry and allied industries in general. Thus, a new chapter in the history of PCB industry in this country emerged with IPCA at the helm of affairs under the able leadership of its Founder President, Dr. Venkatachalam, MD of HI-Q Electronics, Hosur, and the Founder Secretary, Mr. R.K. Singh, then from ECIL, Hyderabad. Today, www.garantibilethatti.com ucuz uçak bileti with the expansion of PCB industry, the membership has risen to an impressive level of one hundred and thirty, aiming inter alia to the advancement of education and technology in science and application of electronic circuit design. The leading public sector units of both Telecommunications and Defence who are the major users and manufacturers of PCBs, are on the rolls of the Association along with the private, small scale, medium and large scale PCB manufacturers, raw material and equipment manufacturers in the country.

Past Presidents who have held Office

Sl. No.  Name of the President Year
1 Dr. Venkatachalam 1986-88
2 Mr. Vedu Mitter 1988-90
3 Mr. G Sudarshanam 1990-92
4 Mr. Mukund Shah 1992-94
5 Mr. Sarangi 1994-96 1996-98
6 Mr. Harish Mahajan 1998-00
7 Mr. Bhatnagar 2000-01
8 Mr. Rajinder Kumar 2001-02
9 Mr. Mukund Shah 2002-04 2004-06
10 Mr. Anil Kumar 2006-08 2008-10
11 Mr. Mukund Shah 2010-12
12 Mr. Paresh Vasani 2012-13
13 Mr. Viral Bhulani 2013-14 2014-16

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